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Hello everyone in your Jeep Owners Club.
I would like to invite you all to the Jeep Weekend 2023 event, which I am organizing in Jihlava on June 2-4, 2023.
This year marks the fifth year of this event.
This is an event for Jeep owners and fans, the event is open to everyone without distinction and is not open to people without cars.
The event takes place in two connected off-road areas with facilities, catering and camping sites partly equipped with electricity.
Offroad for both series SUVs and modified specials.
All backbone roads are asphalt or concrete panels.
A day and night orienteering competition for valuable prizes, a raffle, and competitions for children are prepared.
All information can be found on the event with a link here:
There is also pre-sale of campsites with reservation, so you know in which zone you will sleep.
There are 3 zones with nighttime mode and two zones with nonstop party mode.
Night rides are allowed in these party zones.
The link is at
We look forward to your visitors and wish you a nice day and always ride with the wheels down 🙂
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